Why We Won’t Apply To Join Nigerian Army Despite Ongoing Recruitment —Eligible Nigerians

Some young Nigerians have explained the reasons why they will never join the  Nigerian Army.

The Army as well as the Nigerian Air Force recently called on Nigerians to enrol for their recruitment exercises.

Bashir Ahmad, an aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, had in a Twitter post on Monday said Nigerians who
who possess a minimum of secondary school leaving certificate can apply for the army’s exercise.

But in interviews with SaharaReporters, a cross-section of secondary school leavers said they would rather pursue another career, citing the risks involved and lack of adequate equipment to fight enemies, particularly insurgents.

Ebuka Emmanuel, a secondary school leaver, said: “I won’t join the army because looking at the soldiers, they are not well equipped to face the enemy. They don’t pay them well and then there is stress involved. They keep deploying someone from state to state. Being in the army also makes one the enemy of some ‘street boys.’”

Also speaking, Ekenne, another secondary school leaving certificate holder, said: “Soldiers face lots of risks
For me, I don’t want to join the army because there is a lot of risks there. I have other dreams, many other important things in my life than that. It’s something that can take one’s life at any time. I don’t want to join.”

On his part, Charles Njoku, said: “It’s not my calling. Army! There’s something we refer to as ‘calling’. Being in the army is not my calling, my calling is in other stuff. If I join the army now, only God knows what will happen, I might die soon. I know they might be making good money, taking care of their families and all but I don’t want to join.”

In the same vein, Eniola Anthony, a female secondary school leaver, said: “I’m going to further my studies. No, I wouldn’t want to enrol in the Nigerian army because I don’t like the profession. I’m going to university to take a course in education. I don’t like the sight and sound of guns. Irrespective of how much people are being paid, I don’t like the job. Nigerian Army is not for someone like me.”

Just like others, Rejoice Okolo, said “I wouldn’t want to join the army, I love the teaching profession and I will rather be in the classroom than on the front. Joining the army is like a waste of time for me, it is also stressful. I don’t want to be in the army whether in Nigeria or abroad, even if they will pay me well, I don’t want to. I choose academic work over military work.

“I am also a patriot by contributing positively to the education sector. I want to be a professor, be in the academia, and be fulfilled.”

Toeing the same line, Peculiar Iyalode said: “I don’t want to do that kind of job, I do not dream of becoming a soldier. The job is stressful, I am scared of guns. I am going to the higher institution instead.”

According to Anu Ojo, her parents will never allow her to join the army.

She said such a plan would also affect her plans.

“My Parents Will Never Approve of it. No, I can’t join the army, not in Nigeria, I would rather go to a higher institution to further my studies than join the army. Even my parents will not allow me to join the army. I have other dreams and aspirations. Being in the army will destroy my plan. Well, it is a matter of choice but for me, I can’t join.”

Hassan Oluwatimileyin, however, took a contrary stance, stating that she would not mind joining the army.

She, however, said that would be determined by how easy the recruitment process is.

“Yes, I would like to join. If they make the entry process easier. I began to have a strong passion for a military career when I fully understood the difference between right and wrong but, their entry process is not encouraging,” she said.

“There are lots of things to do to complete the required demands. This discouraged me. I had to change my plan.”

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