No matter how fine you are as a lady, some men are way above your league – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady identified as Anita Vams on Twitter has shared her two cents on how classism divide affects a relationship between beautiful middle class women and wealthy men.

According to her, no matter how beautiful or attractive a woman is, the reality is that she will always come across men who are way above her league.

She noted that irrespective of what the woman has to offer, she would never measure up to be a possible pick as a spouse to some highly placed men in the society.

Anita’s assertion stirred massive reactions which steered down a debate path as many people exchanged contrary views on the matter.

She tweeted;

”No matter how fine you are as a lady or what you have to offer, the truth is some men are way above your league and this isn’t an insult, it’s the truth.”

See her post:


@olorikennymiles; Tbh: reminds me of a time I didn’t date one wealthy malo guy during my nysc. Dude was too rich and exposed. I always felt smaller around him and his friends. Infact, inferiority complex.

@Kemisola981; No lady deserve to think of themselves this low

@FunmiKolz; Honestly, there are people out of your league and you should always respect yourself.

@Crayy_olaa; This is your truth. Please don’t project it onto others.

@KasimuFavour; Lol ,wahala for we wey no get money and connect,God na our connect shaFace with tears of joy,but one thing ,I know ,a man that loves u will love love irrespective of your status ,a woman dat loves u will , irrespective of who u are,if u are not even upto thier standard they will even help u grow

@Eddy_jasper; But the truth here is most men don’t really believe in this league thing….
They’ll go for love no matter how lowly placed the woman is. It’s why a oil mogul will marry a girl selling pure water in the market and still respect her.

@ayodeworld; Nobody is above the league of a confident man/lady who knows how to play the art well.

@nikkeyposh; My dear ..as a beautiful woman ..no guy is too big or not in your league .. all you have got to do is package your self nicely, your confidence level in check and play along .. if u have to fake it to make it then go ahead .. so dos girls in their level are what ?

@ashabi_sha; True tho, met this rich dude,I was the one begging him not to date me.his ex was driving a Benz and stays in katampe. life is not Africa magic

@cleverman001; Well i don’t believe it. With some luck n opportunity u can actually date any guy. Just b Presentable. Fabregas married a lady who came to d stadium with her son 2 watch football. D boy wanted an autograph 4rm d player, he met d boys mom n liked her. She wasn’t a big personality

@donsammyU; Been reading comments and the “league” in question has been totally and wholely tagged to money. What of character, there are rich people without class wen it comes to attitude. N average ppl with poise in their carriage. So on what basis are we judging dz league?

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