Donald Trump’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino Demolished

One could argue Donald Trump‘s 2021 has been a bit of an implosion so far … which makes what happened to his former Atlantic City hotel and casino very fitting.

Trump Plaza succumbed to a controlled blast provided by 3,000 sticks of dynamite Wednesday morning in New Jersey’s gambling mecca … where the former President’s presence used to be huge.

The Plaza was the first of 3 casinos Trump owned in A.C., and was the site of some marquee boxing matches and other big events after it opened in 1984. All 3 casinos eventually went bankrupt and Trump left town.
Since its closing in 2014, it’s been known more as an eyesore on the boardwalk than anything else … so many locals, including the Mayor, were happy to see it go. Seats were even sold for the event, which seemingly went off without a hitch
The only downer for folks looking forward to Trump Plaza’s demolition is that the auction to push the implosion button was called off last month.
Apparently, the current owner of the building didn’t like it … but he donated money to the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City in lieu of the auction.
So, still a happy ending of sorts.

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