Man steals fiancée’s ring to propose to his other girlfriend

A Florida man is on the run after stealing one girlfriend’s old engagement ring so he could use it to propose to his other girlfriend, authorities said.

Joseph Davis, 48, is wanted on a grand theft charge after allegedly betraying two girlfriends he met on the dating site OK­Cupid, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Thursday.

He used the alias “Joe Brown” with one girlfriend, and “Marcus Brown” with the other, authorities said.

Girlfriend No. 1 — who lives in Orange City, and who had dated Davis since 2015 — told detectives she learned through some Facebook sleuthing that Davis, a convicted felon, was engaged to the second woman.

Worse, she saw on the second woman’s Facebook page that her rival was wearing an engagement ring and wedding band identical to her own from a previous marriage, according to the sheriff’s office.

She checked her jewelry box and found her rings and other items missing. About $6,270 in property had been stolen from her in all, officials said.

The girlfriend contacted Davis’ fiancée — who lives in Orlando and who had begun dating him in 2016.

The second woman discovered she had also allegedly been stolen from. They joined forces and reported Davis to the authorities.

The second girlfriend reported her own laptop and jewelry went missing after Davis moved out of her apartment, according to authorities.

She also recalled Davis once taking her to the first girlfriend’s house in Orange City. The first girlfriend was away at work at the time.

Davis claimed to the second girlfriend that the home was his and even asked her to move in there with him, she said.

The second girlfriend packed up her own apartment and was ready to move in, but then Davis told her the deal fell through, officials said.

Davis has a previous rap sheet that includes an active warrant in Oregon for a hit-and-run crash, domestic assault and possession of cocaine.

A brother of the Orlando woman posted about the bizarre situation on the sheriff’s Facebook page, writing, “Please everyone share this. My sister is the victim in Orland [sic] that was proposed to. He is now making threats to our family.”

The woman and her family did not return messages.


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