How I Met My Beautiful Wife – Actor Nkubi

Popular comic actor, Nwaogu Udochukwu Victor a.k.a Nkubi has shared details about his love life and how he met his beautiful wife.

Nkubi is known for his comic skits and distinct voice on radio. In this interview with OLUWATIMILEYIN ADEBANJO, Nkubi opened up on his career and love life.

You have been in the entertainment industry for a while, how have you been able to stay relevant?

I started at a very young age. I started from the church. I discovered that I was very passionate about it. This passion made me study Theatre arts in school. So it is safe to say that my passion has made me stay relevant over the years.

You refer to yourself as Kereku and Small Stout. These names may sound demeaning, why did you choose to use them as your brand name?

I got these names from some of the characters I have played in the past. I don’t see them as derogatory in any way. In fact, I find these names interesting. However, I coined Kereku by myself. I wanted the name to sound funny in a way.

You only take comic roles; do you sometimes wish you could take other roles?

Honestly, I am a serious person naturally. I would want the viewers to see a different side of me. But then, there are some things that are beyond my control and when it comes to this industry, when an actor plays a particular character consistently, he’ll get similar roles like that all the time. It happens in developed countries as well.

You have a YouTube channel, what are some of the plans you have for it?

A few of my skits are on it. I also intend to share videos of myself and my wife on YouTube soon.

You recently announced your wedding on your social media, how did you meet your wife?

We have been dating for over three years now. We met via social media through a mutual friend. We have done the traditional marriage, the white wedding would hold later.

Why did you choose to announce your union after the traditional marriage?

I am a very private person.

So how did you propose to your wife?

We were in the room together with my siblings and I proposed, so it was an indoor proposal. I don’t like too much attention.

Before you met her, did you have bad experiences with other women?

Yes, like every other man, I have had my share of relationship issues in the past.

In the caption of the picture you shared on social media, you mentioned your height by saying “MY 4FT LIFE WITH MY WIFE”, why did you do that?

I am just trying to give people hints about the upcoming contents on my YouTube channel. I want to use my content to motivate other little people like me. I want them to believe that they can find love. There is someone out there for everyone.

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