Mother dumps her newborn baby with a note saying “she was impregnated and abandoned by a man who promised to marry her”

A mother dumped her newborn baby along a road in Daura town, Katsina state with a handwritten note explaining the reason she took the drastic action.

The baby girl was found inside a carton at Unguwar Amare, an outskirt of Daura Town around 1:20 AM on Friday, February 12.

In the note left with the newborn, the mother also pleaded with whoever finds the child to name her “Barira”

She also expressed her regret over her action, claiming that she was abandoned by an unnamed man who impregnated her after he promised to marry her.

According to facebook user, Yawale Musa Kallah Daura, the baby was taken to the police station by the good samaritans who found her and later to the hospital.

His post reads ;

It’s 1:20 am and I took my son to General Hospital sick so I ate this miracle.

This girl you see has been found in Amare neighborhood, there is a man named Mal. Tasi the one who fixes phones are the ones who cursed it.
They sat about nights and heard a girl crying and saw a girl in a box, took her to the police station and then was sent to the hospital.
Surprisingly, this girl has been cursed including a paper, if the reader checks, he will see.

And she showed that she was pregnant and left her after she said she was going to marry her and she named Barira girl.
We are praying to God to expose those who did this unbelievable, and people should be very careful to find out those who have sinned like this, since most of them are among them.

For more information contact this number 08036656672, or leave a police station for details.

May God make it easy for us

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