“Your ex-husband didn’t beat you, stop lying” – Sandra Iheuwa continues to drag Victoria Inyama

"Your ex-husband didn


Sandra Iheauwa has continued to call out former actress Victoria Inyama.


The dragging started after Sandra Iheuwa, who shares a child with Ubi Franklin, condemned single mothers who want to slay but do not want to work.


Victoria Inyama slammed her, telling her to stop speaking in that manner. She informed her that there are different types of single mothers; the ones whose husband died, the formerly married ones like herself who left due to domestic violence, and the ones who never married.


Victoria told Sandra to focus on those single mothers like herself who never married when giving such advice, and not on those who are single mothers due to unforseen circumstances.


Well Sandra hit back and is still on it.


She has now told Victoria that she’s lying about being a victim of domestic violence. She also told her to stop claiming to be an advocate for victims of domestic violence.


"Your ex-husband didn

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