Manager reportedly tells only single employees to work on Valentine’s Day

A manager of an unnamed firm has reportedly asked employees who are not in relationships to prepare themselves to work on Valentine’s Day.

A lady identified as Hanna Kaleem, who said she works at the company, shared the story on microblogging platform, Twitter.

According to her, the manager asked staff who are single to indicate, only for him to tell them that they will be the ones to work on February 14, which is St. Valentine’s Day.

Hanna wrote;

”How can my manager ask who’s single and ask them all to work valentines day”

See her post:

Some Twitter users found the condition given by the manager hilarious while others shared similar experiences as seen in their replies below.

@Naefy_b; If you aren’t making love might as well make some money

@sophiwhyte; I once had a manager roster me on Mother’s Day (which was a Sunday and I was unavailable Sundays) and she said “we thought you could work it since everyone else has plans”… my mum is dead

@hawtshepsut; they just looking out for u Flushed face making sure u married to the money LMAOO

@jalepeino; Y’all can’t actually be mad at this, right? It’s super kind of managers to think about those in relationships and let them have the opportunity to spend the day with their s/o

@Spilledbeans13; He was trying to make sure couples had the opportunity to spend times with their loved. He was just trying to be fair. Would have done the same with my team. Just not have asked lol just scheduled it that way

@mschubbyc; @hannakaleem

No cuz mine tried to do this and I said I was suspecting my boyfriend was going to propose and got the day off

I don’t have a man

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