He is your son, but I’m not going for any DNA test – Woman tells man (Video)

A man and woman have found themselves embroiled in a case of suspected paternity fraud after the man expressed worry that he may not be the biological father of his son.

The man had demanded DNA test on his child but the woman identified as Chinyere said there was no need because she is certain the he is the boy’s father.

They visited a counselor to share both sides of the story, which was where the woman narrated how she was double dating him and another man before they got married to different people.

However, she revealed that she fell pregnant shortly before getting married and dumped the other guy even though he wanted to marry her.

Chinyere then presented the baby to the current man as his, but several years down the line, the husband, worried that the child might not be his wanted to conduct a DNA test but his wife refused.

Watch the video below;

He Is Your Son But I am Not Going For Any DNA Test. Wife Tells Husband

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