‘Yoruba movie industry full of hatred’ – Biodun Okeowo tears colleagues apart

Nollywood Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo also known as Omo Borty, has lashed on her colleagues for always frustrating each other, adding that, that was the major reason she took a break from the industry.

The single mother of two expressed her aggression via her verified Instagram page where she wrote, “Frustrate your efforts, frustration was part of the reason I left the industry. Coming back now….no love still ☹️.”
Biodun Okeowo made her point when supporting a male colleague who expressed similar frustrations too.

Ms Okeowo has been called many names, mostly on account of her mesmerising curvy shape. Of course, most often than not, as the accolades roll in so the trolls abound but the actress cum entrepreneur has grown a thick skin to stay on her lane.

Via one of her posts on Instagram with eye-popping picture, she also tells how she has ridden above the storms of her life.

“Self-growth does not always mean that we’ve changed. It means that we’ve stopped listening to what others say we ought’ to be doing and finally live our lives according to our own values.When you see me living my life, biko don’t complain or judge me, just live yours. I’m responsible for me while you are for yours,” she posts.

The sexy actress had weathered through some storms in her life and no stranger to controversies. She’s an A-list Yoruba actress.

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