Man narrates how he moved from working as an Uber driver to starting his own company

A young man has shared how he was able to overcome some challenges life threw at him and repositioned himself to become successful.

The man known as Augustine Egbeadokhai said he lost his means of livelihood in January 2020 and to make ends meet decided to take up Uber driving.

While doing the job, he happened to come in contact with interesting passengers.

According to Augustine, he developed a good working relationship with his fellow Uber drivers and in the course of one of their chit-chats, one introduced him to interior designing.

He liked the idea and began working on it and with time his existing working relationship with other drivers got him gigs.

Then came the outbreak of Coronavirus that meant there had to be a lockdown when cases were on a rise and this put him out of job again.

He kept developing and gaining mastery of the interior designing job, he had to learn carpentry and as soon as the lockdown was lifted he floated his own company.

Today, he does his jobs himself as the chief executive officer of Güsken Interiors.

He shared the story on LinkedIn: “I lost my job in January 2020. Then I started driving Uber, it was an interesting job. I got to meet a lot of wonderful people. One of my riders during our conversation introduced me to interior designs.

“I started talking to other riders then I got some jobs which I had to get expertise help since I didn’t know anything about carpentry. Just then pandemic happened, which led to the lockdown.

“In 9 months, it already felt as though I’ve been doing this for 10 years. I discovered myself and I can now literally bring any design to life. I don’t know how I do what I do and how I got so good within a short time but I know what GOD cannot do, does not exist!!

“I started my company ‘Güsken Interiors’ To God be the glory … we keep getting better and stronger by the day.”

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