Buhari will soon ban cash & ask Nigerians to use cowries’ – Reno Omokri says

Popular Nigerian author, known for his controversial points, Reno Omokri, has given many people things to talk about after he disclosed that Mahummadu Buhari will soon demand cowries for payment as his love for cows is beyond everyone’s imagination.


The controversial author noted that, the prohibition of cryptocurrencies in the country is a big worry for a country that wants to thrive on a cashless economy.

Many countries are thriving hard to have a cashless economy in order to prevent money laundering and other money-related criminal activities.

This has made Reno Omokri lament badly as everyone knows the benefit of a cashless economy and the benefit of cryptocurrencies in an economy

In a tweet, he said:

After this sudden and shocking prohibition of #Cryptocurrencies, I just pray that General @MBuhari will not have a brainwave and ban cashless money and ask Nigerians to start using cowries. I bet he will like that, because there is COW in cowries. His love for cows is legendary


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