My dad died prematurely, but sent us Christmas gifts through a friend who doesn’t know he’s dead – Nigerian lady narrates

A Nigerian lady, Modella Agnes Egbara has narrated how her father surprised them with Christmas clothes and money few months after his death.

The lady shared her story while joining the #ghost_are_real_challenge on social media. She disclosed that her dad died in July 2000 even though he wasn’t sick and there was no sign of any ailment.

She said that unknown to them, their father had rented an apartment in Abuja after his death and was working in the National Assembly.

Agnes further revealed that December of that same year, her dead father sent her family Christmas clothes to celebrate the festive season, and some amount of money as well as a written letter stating that “he’s fine and loves them”, through a friend who had no idea that he was dead.

The friend who took the gifts to the family was then told that the man who sent him to give them the Christmas items is dead.

They then took the guest to their father’s grave for confirmation and he fainted. Luckily, he regained consciousness after 2 days.

In her words;


My dad died prematurely in July year 2000 without been sick,went and rented a house in Abuja the federal capital territory and was working with house of assembly.

Sent us Xmas clothes in DEC 2000 through a friend who doesn’t know he’s dead and physical cash and a letter that he’s fine and he loves us.(not GSM time. When we showed his friend his grave,the man fainted and regain consciousness after 2 days.



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