“I signed a contract to be her husband for only 8 years; it has expired but I still love my wife and kids” – Man cries out

A man has cried out on social media after his contract marriage with his wife expired but is now deeply in love with her and his children.Contract marriage has expired

According to the story shared on Twitter, the man in question said his contract wife, Cynthia, placed him on a N200k salary on monthly basis.

The terms and conditions of the contract state that asides the N200k monthly pay, she would pay him off with N5million upon expiration of their contract.

It was agreed that after eight years, he would act as though they have family crisis and then kick his wife and children out of his home and should never accept pleas from his wife’s people when they come begging.

He is also not allowed to ever come back to lay claims on the four children they had during their contract marriage.

As reported, the woman fulfilled her part of the contract including the man’s N5million payoff, but upon expiration, the man has refused to send her and their children packing as initially agreed, saying he has now deeply fallen in love with his wife and children and that he only accepted the terms and conditions because he was poor at the time.

Read full story below…Contract marriage has expired

Contract marriage has expired

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