Mariah Carey’s estranged sister sues her for $1.25million over ‘vicious, vindictive, despicable’ lies in her tell-all memoir

Mariah Carey


Singer, Mariah Carey’s estranged sister is suing the star for $1.25 million over claims that her tell-all memoir caused “immense emotional distress”.


Alison, 59, said that Mariah, 50, fabricated stories in her 2020 book The Meaning Of Mariah Carey “to promote sales of her book.” She also said the singer lied about her older sibling drugging her and her older brother Morgan abusing her as a child in the book.


Mariah Carey


In the chapter titled Dandelion Tea, Mariah alleged her sister drugged her with Valium when she was 12-year-old before she went on a disturbing car ride with one of the elder sibling’s boyfriends who was carrying a gun.


The book also claimed that her brother was physically abusive, one of her mum’s boyfriends threatened to kill her and that Alison threw boiling tea on her.


Alison, who is representing herself claims she was publicly humiliated by the alleged family secrets.


The elder Ms. Carey – who described herself as ‘profoundly damaged’ claimed her famed sister never gave her an opportunity to respond to the events in the book and didn’t present “evidence to substantiate” the allegations according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.


She cited trauma stemming from the alleged ‘satanic’ abuse she suffered at the hands of their mother Patricia, which are the subject of another suit Alison Carey filed against her mom last year, per Page Six.


She also said Mariah was aware she was suffering from spine and digestive disorders and a traumatic brain injury, short term memory problems, and vision problems after being attacked in 2015 in an ‘unsolved home invasion.’


Alison said she offered to settle the claims made by Mariah with her lawyers on January 8 but according to court documents, she never heard back.


She is now demanding $1.25 million for claims of “intentional infliction of immense emotional distress caused by defendant’s heartless, vicious, vindictive, despicable and totally unnecessary public humiliation of defendant’s’ already profoundly damaged older sister.”


Her brother Morgan, 60, said he planned to sue during a November 2020 conversation with The Sun, calling his sister’s recollections ‘delusional.’

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