Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Cindy Okafor has shared a horrifying tale of how she survived a ghastly accident on her birthday.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop reported by Kokong, the realtor disclosed that she had organized a party for herself to celebrate her 25th birthday and after the event she and some of her friends drove to a hotel when the incident.

According to Cindy Okafor who shared a photo of the damaged car after the unfortunate incident which occurred about two weeks ago, she was very scared because she had things she was yet to achieve in life.

She said;

“I hosted a dinner party for my 25th birthday. After the party, me and my siblings got into the car and headed for a hotel. A friend drove the car. I was actually asleep and did not know how the accident happened. I only woke up after the impact.

The accident happened in Lekki (Lagos) but thankfully, none of us in the car sustained any major injury. We, however, went to the hospital for a general check-up, and there was no sign of internal bleeding. Some people say they see signs before an accident happens but I did not see any. I was only feeling uncomfortable because it was late.

Our concern was about flouting the curfew. The incident happened around 2am. I was really scared because I still have a lot of things to achieve. I had never experienced anything like that.”