Here is why Tonto Dikeh dumped her former best friend, Bobrisky

It is no news that the once unusual friendship between Tonto Dikeh and Idris Olarunwaje, better known as Bobrisky, has hit rock bottom.

Things have fallen apart for them, and the center can no longer hold.

Before now, the bond between the two controversial “Instagram drama queens” was so strong that Bobrisky could take a bullet for Tonto, and Tonto Dikeh could spend her last dime on him.

the duo was once caught kissing each other at a function. Tonto Diken was also seen fondling bobrisky’s “breasts” in a viral video.


According to reports Tonto Dikeh has decided to keep things low and take them slowly with Bobrisky. A source revealed that Tonto Dikeh is distancing herself from Bob because of her future political ambition.

“Tonto Dikeh is shying away from Bobrisky’s friendship because of her future political ambition,” The source said.

“After their Dubai trip, where Tonto was allegedly arrested, she complained about Bobrisky being in Everyone’s business one business. Tonto also advised him to desist from that. Ever since then, their friendship went sour”, The source added.

Tonto Dikeh revealed her plans to become a Nigerian politician.

She made the revelation in the comment section of one of her posts on Instagram.

The divorced mother of one was asked if she has plans to venture into politics, and she replied; “You are looking at a future senator.”

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