Nigerian woman who was erroneously paid N38million instead of N38,000 by a foreign company returns the money

A Nigerian woman, Sola Ismail, has shown the world that Nigeria houses honest people as opposed to a general perception.

The woman was said to have returned the whooping sum of N38 million mistakenly credited into her account by a company in China.

Facebook user, Elder Olabisi Ekwueme who shared the story, disclosed that Sola had business dealings with the Chinese company but unfortunately, they didn’t have the product in stock, which was valued at N41,000.

Sola Ismail

The company, however, refused to refund the full N41,000 and offered to pay N38,000 instead. After several back and forth, she decided to accept what they were willing to return.

But, the company erroneously transferred N38 million to her account, on discovering the error, they were afraid that Ms. Sola will not return the money.

Fortunately for the company, the honest lady returned the money but deducted the bank charges.

Thereafter, the Chinese company refunded the full amount of N41,000 for the product.

Read the post by Olabisi below…

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