I’m A Yahoo Boy And I’m Proud Of It – Man Boasts Of His Profession On Social Media

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal that he is a fraudster, widely known as ‘Yahoo Boy’ and very much proud of it.

The man identified as simply Yemi on twitter has got quite a lot of reactions hours after making the bold claims.

‘I AM A YAHOO BOY!!! & I AM FVCKING PROUD OF IT!!!’. Yemi tweeted



Some netizens while reacting criticized his choice of career while on user stood out for defending Yemi for choosing to becoming a “Yahoo Boy”

See her tweets below:

‘Unashamedly and unapogetically you’ve owned up your hustle. This MF won’t give you connections for jobs but they’d be the first to scream “yahoo is fraud”’ Stop bleating about yahoo boys, they are not d problem of Nigeria. A lot of these guys had 2 indulge in yahoo becos they were left with no options and I guess if you were in their shoes with no connections, jobs, nd an influential parents you’d do everything 2 rise above poverty.

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