‘My wife slept with my driver, made me eat, drink with her other lover without suspecting them’

A MAN has narrated before the Kabushi Local Court how his wife made him become friends with her boyfriend.

According to The Zambia Observer, Samuel Chirwa, 34, a resident of Mushili Township, told the court that his wife, Gladys Kabando, 30, made him eat food with his rival because she did not want him to suspect that she had a relationship with the man.

Samuel wanted the Kabushi Local Court, Zambia to dissolve their marriage on grounds that his wife had extramarital affairs.


He said his wife brought the man to their bar and cooked food which she made them eat together.

He said after drinking  beer, they would drop him at home, his wife and her boyfriend went somewhere else to enjoy themselves.

“She made him become so close to me that I would not suspect that she had a sexual relationship with him.

This woman has a lot of men and at some point she even dated my driver and admitted to have slept with him,” he said.

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