I’m placing second order for Biden/ Harris aso ebi — Nigerian fabric dealer

In these interviews with OLADIMEJI RAMON, some Nigerians in the United States speak on why they picked aso ebi (celebration attire) for President Joe Biden’s inauguration, which took place on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What is your name?

My name is Martha Ore.

Where do you live in the US?

I live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who initiated the idea of aso ebi for President Joe Biden’s inauguration?

I was the one who placed an order for the material from China. I deal in African fabrics and also jewellery. The name of my company is Drem Fabrics and Accessories. I ordered the silk wax print through my company. I was so excited about the Biden/Harris victory. When they won the election, at first, I thought we should throw a party but then I thought about aso ebi. So, I told my graphic designer to design the material. When my graphic designer finished, I took the design to China and asked them to manufacture silk wax print for me. I placed the order two weeks after Joe Biden won the election.

Why did you choose purple as the dominant color for the aso ebi?

I chose purple because it is the colour of royalty. When my designer came up with a couple of designs, I loved this most, so I chose it. It makes it the more beautiful and interesting that Kamala chose to wear purple on the inauguration day. The fabric is so pleasing to the eye.

Did you have foreknowledge that Kamala would be wearing purple for the inauguration?

No, I didn’t have foreknowledge of the colour that Kamala would wear. It’s a beautiful coincidence.

What was people’s reaction when you first showed them the fabric?

People showed interest. I placed an order for 100 pieces. And people showed interest and bought the fabric. In fact, people are still demanding for it. So, I am going to place a second order. In fact, some people in Nigeria are also asking me to get the material for them.

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