Man finds out on wedding night that his new wife lied about being a virgin

A newly wedded couple’s marriage is on the brink of collapse owing to a shocking revelation the woman made on their wedding night.

The couple reportedly got married first week in January and the bride all through their 3 years courtship told her man that there would be no sexual intimacy till marriage.

The lady made her man believe that she is a virgin but this, it was later discovered to be a false tale.

She maintained the lie up until their wedding day, when she informed her husband that she is not a virgin but that she was raped by her uncle few weeks before they met.


A Twitter user @akphies shared the story on the microblogging platform with the words;

”This couple got married just last weekend and the marriage is about to crash. They dated for 3 years and she insisted no sex until after marriage because she was a virgin. She confessed she wasn’t a virgin that night that she was raped by her uncle few weeks before they met.”

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Nigerians took to the social media to share their opinion on what should be done.

@pappykoloso; That’s absolute nonsense. Why lying in the first place, why building home on falsehood? Is it a crime for her to have lost her virginity, why didn’t she tell him the truth. Is virginity only a standard for marriage? We will do better if we learn to say our mind, whoever will stay will.

@zlatankapo; Na scam, make the guy run o, na so hingo raise another man child in deception.

@OfficialMrMurp1; S*x is overrated abeg. Both of em were emotional scammers from onset. They never wanted to live together coz something was keeping the girl and the guy too was holding on to being the first person to chop.

@OmisoreShoneye; She should have let him know later in the relationship as soon as it is tending towards marriage.

@Indomitable_007; The guy should just leave the marriage! There’s no point lying to the man that intends marrying you. Tell him the whole truth, if he loves you he’ll surely marry you

@john_emjay; The guy must ask for a divorce, she lied every step of the way of being a virgin while she wasn’t…

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