5 Simple Ways To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy Without Using A Condom

Unwanted Pregnancy
Unwanted Pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancy has done more harm than good. If you’re not ready to get pregnant, the news of pregnancy can destabilise you. Making use of birth controls such as condoms while having sex is essential to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

However, a lot of couples don’t like using condoms because it reduces pleasure during sex.

The question now is: is it possible to avoid unwanted pregnancy without the use of condoms during sex? The answer to that question would be yes!

I’ve outlined 5 different ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies without the use of a condom

1. Safe period method

Safe Period
Safe Period

In a woman’s menstrual cycle there are two separate periods called ‘safe’ period. It varies for different women but for most women the safe period falls between days 1 – 7 and days 26 – 31.

Having sex within these periods lowers the chances of getting pregnant due to the unreadiness of the body to be fertilised.

For you to be able to apply the method effectively you must monitor and understand your menstrual cycle.

2. Pull out and pray method

Pull out and pray
Pull out and pray

As the name implies, this method involves the man pulling his penis from the vagina before he reaches climax to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

This method can be effective because, without the sperm cells deposited in the vagina, fertilisation would be impossible hence unwanted pregnancy can be avoided.

The success of this method largely depends on the man’s will power or power of self-control.

3. Contraceptive method

Contraceptive Pills

This method is one of the safest and reliable ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This pills can be taken orally by the lady before or after sex (this depends on the kind of pill you’re taking).

This has 99.9% of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Embedded in these pills are clinically manufactured hormones which include oestrogen and progestin. These hormones prevent the body’s naturally occurring hormones from initiating the menstrual cycle which makes it impossible for ovulation to happen.

These pills also make it impossible for the womb to carry a fertilised egg by altering the lining on the wall of the womb.

4. Copper T IUD Method


This method involves the inserting of a T- shaped device into the womb Uterus (womb) by experienced medical personnel.

This prevents sperm from getting to the eggs and causing fertilisation. This copper IUD device differs from other IUD devices because it is hormone-free.

The immune system is triggered by the copper device, consequently reducing the chance of getting pregnant to 1%. This an effective and long-lasting way of preventing unwanted pregnancy.


5. Medical sterilisation method

Medical Sterilization method
Medical Sterilization method

This method is the surest way of preventing unwanted pregnancy. It is 100% effective. This process is permanent, if you decide to go through with it, just know you can’t undo it.
This procedure can be performed on both male and female.

Tubectomy for the male and vasectomy for the female.

Tubectomy involves the tying of the Fallopian tube to block the way for fertilised eggs from reaching the womb.

Vasectomy on the other hand is the cutting off of the vas deferens which prevents the sperm from reaching the urethra during the climax.

The methods I mentioned above have been proven over time to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

You can choose anyone you like. It is worthy of note that some methods are effective than the others.

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