Nigerians share funny reasons their boyfriends broke up with them

Nigerians have taken to social media to share funny reasons their lovers gave for breaking up with them.

@instablog9ja asked tweeps to share the reasons their lovers gave for breaking up with them and Nigerians flooded the comment section with their experiences.

We selected five of the funniest reasons.

1. @_KleoPahtra wrote:

“He said I’m brilliant than he is. Makes him feel inferior. That if we get married, people will say the kids got their intelligence from me and he doesn’t want that. I was like W*F bruh.”

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2. @hadassahdebby commented:

“Dude said he knows I would leave him one day, so he had to leave me first. Mad people everywhere. To the Glory of God, dude is still single.”


3. @mseyitayo reacted:

“He had a dream that I cheated on him. So he started acting up cos he believed I was definitely cheating.”

4. @symplynatasha commented:


“After dating for 3weeks. He said his girlfriend apologised and they were back together. So it’s better to break up with me since we had just started dating.”

Reacting to @symplynatasha’s experience, @AyiraJosephine commented: ‘Same thing happened to me o bet my own nah just two weeks..”

@EnehLaurine wrote: “Thank God he was honest with u. If it is some guys they will not tell you and keep u as their side chick. He is truly a honest man.”

5. @OfficialElkings shared his own experience:

“That I’m too peaceful!! I don’t know.. Maybe cos I don’t hit her, and I don’t allow our quarrels turn to fight. I will still say sorry. It still confuses me. But we move since.”


Reacting to @OfficialElkings’s tweet @tz_oluwa wrote: “Nah roughland she come from…leave her.”

@mistlizzy01 commented: “Ha, I don’t understand again.”

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