Ghanaian relationship coach, Counselor Charlotte Oduro has dished out some tips which need to be adhered to by the men of God.

In Ghana, Pastors normally refused to have an affair with their wives especially when they are fasting or doing prayers and this has even led many wives of Pastors to cheat.

Well, it seems men of God are actually getting it wrong to devoid of sleeping with their wives when fasting.

Counselor Charlotte has indicated that having an affair with your spouse is one of the key factors to a successful marriage.

According to her on Okay FM in Accra, she emphasized that even if a pastor or someone is observing fasting and prayers and the need arises for you to sleep with your wife you can put it on hold and satisfy your partner and continue later.

She however added that men of God love women who are naughty in bed hence wives should learn that and stop lying down just like that