Nollywood drama doll Destiny Etiko has officially become a member of the Stingy Women Association and that has got almost everyone talking.

Most female celebrities who join this Stingy Women Association are mostly classified as ones who sleep with men for money and are now trying to close their legs because the men are becoming stingy.

Though it’s all a joke on the internet, some people take it so seriously that they attack and disgrace female celebrities who join and Destiny Etiko has also joined the group.

The reaction from her fans was mixed as some claim she has been alleged to be stingy even before the association came while others think she has been sleeping with men for money.

I have joined the league oooo am now a bonafide member 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪my ID card is legit 💪👌

she wrote

Screenshot below;