Sarah Ofili opens up about her mother’s near-death experience and how friends deserted her at that point

Sarah Ofili opens up about her mother

Sarah Ofili-Adukeh has recounted a scary experience where doctors asked her family to say goodbye to her mother when she suddenly went into a coma.


The model explained that they had travelled to France for her brother’s wedding when her mum became ill and went into a coma.


Sarah Ofili opens up about her mother


Doctors explained that her mother had contacted ecoli in Nigeria and her body went into septic shock.


At that point, Sarah said friends she turned to for help deserted her. However, her then boyfriend, who she’s now married to, was there for her.


She wrote:


Happy Birthday To My Mummy! Strongest woman ever liveth! I don’t share my life struggles here on the gram coz I hate dwelling on the past and sadness. But I have come to realise that sometimes we touch hearts with our own experiences. 3yrs ago I and my Mum flew to France for my brothers wedding, she was feeling a lil sick throughout the flight. Upon arriving France, within 48hrs my Mum went into Coma! Yup u read right! From slight headache to fever to straight coma! (Swipe to see d pic in hospital) And then on it was one organ failure to another. In fact the doctors had said we shld prepare for the worst n say our goodbyes. That was the first time I saw my older bro cry. Believe me when I say he’s a macho man chief sergeant in the army.. sigh. Well eventually she was diagnosed with contacting ecoli somehow in Nigeria and her body went into septic shock. During this period I lost some so called “friends” who I actually turned to for help… yes the classic when u need pple u really know ur friends blablabla…Long story short… in the midst of the sadness waiting patiently by her bedside, my bf then ( now husband) flew to be by my side. He had planned a beautiful proposal but had to stop it due to the situation, he did still propose tho… and on That very day he proposed my Mum woke up! Call it miracle.. I dunno! Well today we are celebrating her 67th birthday! She is well, strong and living her best life! Ain’t God Good! Cheers Mama Ofili! You Rock!


Sarah Ofili opens up about her mother

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