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20 trending Hilarious Meme of #Stingymenassociation #SMAN (PHOTOS)

Nigerians are inarguably special and different from other nation. Amid hardships, frustrations and hunger, an average Nigerian must find something to keep himself happy and forget his sorrows and pains.

In past weeks, Nigerians have been catching fun with the latest trends that went viral in the cyberspace. We are on the 11th of January and we have already witnessed four big trends that shook social media and got almost every youth involved.

From catching cruise with DNA saga to playing the so-called demonic Charlie Charlie game and now we are faced with another trend and a group that called themselves the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN).

The trend started as a mere joke when it was first introduced on a Facebook page called, Rant HQ Extension before going viral on all social media including Twitter and Instagram.

The group slogan is “I will see what I can do, “Never give shishi”, “Money no dey”, etc.

See their logo below.

Since the SMAN went viral on Twitter and Facebook, a lot of Social media has created a lot of funny memes and photos to add sauce to the trending saga.

Below are the hilarious memes on the trending Stingy Men Association of Nigeria saga.

1. Introducing to you the Stingy Men official ID Card. 😁😁😁


2. A rare photo of SMAN members.

3. A true SMAN member.


4. SMAN oga at the top.

5. Loyal members of SMAN.

6. Official SMAN membership form and stamp.


7. As a SMAN no Kobo should be wasted.

8.SMAN general office.


9. SMAN signpost.

10. Celebrity, K-solo officially joins SMAN.

11. A member outline his special motto

12. SMAN PRO makes a fresh announcement.


13. Hilarious, SMAN sentenced to jail for sending urgent 2k.

14. A dedicated SMAN action


15. SMAN collecting backbone straight he bought for his girlfriend.

16. Hilarious chats between SMAN member and a girl.


Another one.

17. He was caught trying to send a girl airtime.


18. A New member reading SMAN manifest.


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