Orisabunmi was a staunch Christian despite coming from masqueraders’ family –Younger sister

Tell us about your sister and the circumstances that surrounded her death?

My name is Janet Ademola, a younger sister to Mrs Folake Aremu, a Yoruba Nollywood actress popularly called Orisabunmi. Her death is very painful because of what she stood for in our lives as family members and other people around her. She was very friendly and caring. We are pained because she stood in as a good mother for all of us. As the last child of the family, she took very good care of me. We were very close and understood each other. She took up the responsibility of seeing me through school. She gave her best to ensure that I was well catered for. She was a selfless fellow.

What was the greatest lesson that you learnt from her?

Humility. She was very humane and she persevered a lot. Again, she would not underrate anyone.

Is there any connection between her role as a woman with great spiritual powers in movies and her personality in real life?

We grew up in a Christian home although we have a background in masquerading and rendition of oratory. We were nurtured to be believers in Jesus Christ. What you saw on the stage was about her profession or career. It had nothing to do with her activities beyond the stage. She used to mount the altar to preach during her lifetime.

But in some ways she brought to the fore the good aspects that her roles conferred on her on stage.  For instance, as being depicted on stage or in films, she hated cheating and could not stand people going through a difficult situation. She would rise to people’s aid without minding the cost.

What is her greatest influence on you?

She used to advise me like a mother. She would not want me to get hurt or ruffled. She was all over me, trying to see to my well-being. I learnt humility and patience from her; those were her great values.

Can you give us an insight into her last moments?

We were here in my house for Christmas and New Year. She was sick for three days. We were here together to celebrate the New Year. She lived nearby. She took ill, so on Monday we rushed her to the hospital for treatment. We never suspected that it would lead to her passage. She died at after 12 midnight.

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