Nigerian dad who lost his job moves his son to tears as he sells his land to pay his school fees

A Nigerian father has shown the world that a child is a priced possession which every parent must strive to ensure that they succeed in life.

A young man took to social media to reveal how his father lost his job and offered to sell his land to ensure that his school fees gets paid.

The tweep with the Twitter handle @sarnysane said that the act by his father hit him in a spot spot as he was emotional.

Attached with a teary-eyed emoji, he tweeted: “My dad lost his job and he said i should find a buyer to buy his land so he can pay for my school fees but this hit me so hard.

“i’m in tears. It’s just 7 days in 2021”

In the WhatsApp conversation @sarnysane had with his father, the latter said he sold his land because of the love he has for his son and because he wants him to graduate from the higher institution.

According to the father, he knows his son will build a big house for him in the future.

Nigerians took to the comment section to react to the fatherly love.


@Freshdipo1 tweeted; Have tears rolling down my eyes right now, cus I can relate but no one will sell land for me

But it has make me be a full time hustler and raise for myself and little for my family. I know you find a breakthrough insha Allah. Don’t let it break you, just opt for a plan

@Philaduo23d; I remembered my mom selling her expensive wrappers in her box just to fund my elder sister in school then and my elder sister ended up training all of us in school and ensuring all her younger siblings had quality education and also learn vocational skills

@sasu_xpc; Fathers do not show such emotions like the one on the texts, and a father would sell the property and pass you the cash. Besides that document nor be wetin you go take sell anything apart from tomatoes.

@OfficialTC1; Guy you better stop tweeting and start drafting out a plan to Make This Rare Gem proud and Happy.

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