”I live on 200 Naira daily to sustain myself” – Job-seeking…

Nigerian man who took to his Twitter page to list his qualifications in his quest to secure a job has shocked netizens after he revealed that he survives on 200 Naira daily.

Dr. Ayomiku has certainly achieved a lot in his academics and it was rather surprising that he is looking for a job.

A more shocking fact he revealed was when he said he is struggling and currently lives on 200 Naira daily which is less than $1

Dr. Ayomiku tweet reads ;

Please i’m looking for a job. I have a PhD in Microbial Pharmacology, M.Phil in Microbial Pharm, MSc. in Anatomy, BTech. Microbiology. I have vast experiences in education & Information technology.
I’m a quick learner & studious individual

You’ll be so surprise that I live on #200 daily to sustain myself and aside that I’m only hoping for a better tomorrow. I sought this far for academic knowledge to be able to conquer the world now the world is winning against me

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