A Widower In His 60’S And A Divorcee In Her 50’S Find Love Again! See Beautiful Wedding Photos

They say love finds us in the weirdest of places and this is the story of this unconventional couple. The happily married couple in their fifties and sixties respectively have shared their inspiring story after tying the knot in a lovely wedding ceremony.

The man Patrick is a widower and the wife, Bose is a divorcee and both have found love again and intend to spend the rest of their lives living together

According to the account of the bride, her husband’s eldest son divinely arranged how they met in a dinner of three and the rest they say is history.

The wife, Bose said ;

I’m a divorcee in my fifties and Patrick, a widower in his sixties. We have 7 adult children and 4 grandchildren between us. His first son had set up the first dinner in the UK which was only meant to be a casual outing of three.


Unknown to both of us, he had other plans. A follow-up dinner with just the both of us and the rest they say is history. Our union is totally ordained by God. Our love story is special and our meeting unexpectedly rare at this age and time of our lives.

We are now companions who plan to be in love until we are very very old by God’s grace.

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