“We were born here, we die here” – Patriotic Nigerian doctor says she turned down opportunity to move to Canada and stayed back to make her country work

Nigerian doctor, simply identified as Fatima, has revealed that she turned down an opportunity to move to Canada because she wants to contribute her quota to the development of the country.

Nigerian doctor turns

Considering the lucrative nature of the medical profession in Canada, relocating to the country appears to be a logical decision. However, Fatima rejected the offer because of her sense of responsibility to Nigeria.

According to her, a large number of her colleagues have left Nigeria to different countries around the world in search of greener pastures, but she and the remaining few will stay back to make Nigeria work.

Nigerian doctor turned

“About a month ago, I got an opportunity to move and work in Canada. But honestly leaving this country is not an option for me. A lot of my colleagues have left but the rest of us will stay back. We’ll make our country work. We were born here, we’ll live here, we die here.” she tweeted.

“I desire to stay back because I beleve we will be greater here. It’s just a matter of time.” she added.

Fatima was commended for her patriotism by many Nigerians, while others argued that she can afford to take such decision because she is from a wealthy home.

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