Nigerian author, Reno Omokri has sent a message to men about ladies who keep flaunting their ‘wealth’ on social media.

According to him, most of the ladies who are seen on social media looking ravishing and unapproachable due to their ‘high’ standard of living are broke.

He made th is known in a recent social media post and it reads;

“Dear men,

Not every woman you see flaunting the good things on life on social media is really made. Many of these girls are ‘urgent 2k girls’. Many urgent 2k here, and there, makes a girl rich. Don’t be deceived to think you are chasing an asset!

Dear ladies,

Don’t automatically reject a men engaged in manual labour as a profession. Dirty hands that make clean money, are better than clean hands that make dirty money. That he starts that way, does not he will end that way. Grow with him!”