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”The best men to date are those in their mid 30’s” – Experienced lady gives ‘expert’ advise

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to outline reasons why men in their 30’s are the best men to date.

According to the lady known on the microblogging platform as Veekey Mani, she has dated numerous men of different ages, so she knows that the best men to date are those in their 30s.

In her words;

”Take it from someone who’s dated men of different age (20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and early 50) the best men to date are those in their mid 30’s.

”Guys in their early 20’s are just starting out. They require lots of patience and there’s a lot of trial and error going on. Personally, I feel most don’t even know what they want. Just sex and vibes. Some are still babies, going through school, some are still on allowance.

”Omo. As a babe you don’t need all of this headache.

”No offense to guys in this age range. Some mature and widen up early. Please dfkm. All I’m saying is at this age you should be more focused on you as a guy. Thank you

”Guys in late 20’s are cool. At this point, they’re most likely done figuring out what they want for life and they tend to beore focused on their careers. This is a good thing but they tend to have less time for relationships. Still hot blooded trust me.


Early 30’s- Mid 30’s is a favorite for me. They’re in between settling down and playboys. They’ve been through relationships and know what they want. They’re willing to support you mentally, emotionally, financially and physically (lol) they give the best sex too.

They’ll advise you and help you grow. They’re most probably already established too (A bonus) You support them and get back 3x the energy.

”Late 30’s? Already being pressured to get married. They want good girls who will obey them. Little vibe and nagging. Same as men in early 40’s. This ones will stress you sha… At this point the conversation tends to be “too serious” most of the time. If you aren’t strong enough,


”Late 40’s are almost always frustrated. Lol. If he’s still single till now, he’s most probably very picky, divorced, doesn’t want to ever get married (baby daddy vibes) or lying he’s single. They’ll try to dictate how our should live your life cause “they have all the experience”

”This lots are a bag of trouble if I must say. Except you know how to handle yourself. You can’t win an argument with them, hell, Yu can’t even argue with them without seeming rude or disrespectful. Some are pretty cool though. Sex be like “press my nipples, I’ll soon come” dfkm

”Early 50’s tend to have trust issues a lot. Somehow, it’ll be hard convincing them there’s no one else because they’re “old or getting there”. They’re cool though. They’ll spoil you silly Face savouring food Lots of gifts and money. JSYK he’s most probably lying if he says he’s single

It’s either his wife isn’t in Nigeria or he’s divorced. Age is never a issue though. They just want to please you and they tend to do too much sometimes.”


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