”Thank you for cleaning and cooking when I was pregnant” – Nigerian woman buys PS5 for husband, says she will buy him Bugatti (Video)

A loving and appreciative woman identified as Lulu Evong, has bought a PlayStation 5 console for her husband, to appreciate him for all he has been doing to ensure the family lives comfortable.


She expressed thanks to her hubby known as Eddie Madaki, a PR Guru as she also revealed that because of the inverter he bought, they haven’t experienced darkness for two years.

Eddie had shared videos on Twitter of the lovely moment she presented the PS5 to him, and he was very excited to receive the gift.

His wife, speaking after he posted the video, thanked him for cooking and cleaning while she was pregnant, amongst other things, adding that he works so hard but never finds time to give himself a nice treat.

Lulu also promised to buy a Bugatti for Eddie when she can afford to do so.

Quoting the video of him unwrapping the gift, she wrote;

”Thank you for that expensive ass inverter you had to buy so I’d never be without light at home. we’ve had light constantly for 2yrs

”Thank you for always filling up my tank and servicing my car.

”Thank you for doing all the cooking and cleaning during lockdown/our pregnancy…

”Thank you for getting us a chef so that we can both relass and be taken kiarof

”You work hard all year round but never treat yourself because it’s all for your family.

You are a good man Babe. God bless you.

Once my pepper rest I go buy you buggati”


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