”Women who don’t do house chores like cooking and cleaning will miss abundant rewards from Allah” – Nigerian muslim man says

A Nigerian man identified as Mustapha from Kaduna state recently took to his social media page to share a controversial opinion on marriage duties.

According to Mustapha, Allah rewards women who do house chores like cleaning, cooking and taking care of the home especially when done to please their husbands.

He wrote on Twitter ;

“Just Imagine the rewards u will get from Allah by doing some of the house chores eg cooking,cleaning and taking good care of the home, it’s rewards upon rewards, what a missed opportunity for women yet to marry and for womem who are married but choose to ignore these goodies,”

He said that there is no punishment for women including unmarried ones, who choose not to do these house chores, however, they will miss the abundant rewards “embed in doing the chores”

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