Over 100 parasitic worms removed from man’s stomach (video)

Over 100 parasitic worms removed from man

A doctor removed more than 100 parasites from a man’s abdomen in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam, on December 21.

The man complained of stomach pain and went to a hospital in Thanh Hoa where doctors checked him and discovered his stomach was filled with worms.

The doctor, Dr. Anh said the man came to the hospital and said that he had a writhing stomach ache and wasn’t getting better despite taking medicine.

After having a check-up, the doctor found worms moving inside the man’s abdomen and then sent him to the operating room immediately for surgery. The surgery was recorded.

Shocked paramedics removed more than 100 worms from the man’s abdomen.

The worms were parasitised in the man’s intestines and spread rapidly afterwards, the doctor said. This is why the man had severe abdominal pain.

According to the doctor, the unhygienically eating habits caused the worm larvae to parasitise in the man’s abdomen.

Watch the video below.


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