COVID-19: Kwara government imposes partial lockdown

COVID-19: Kwara government imposes partial lockdown

The Kwara state government on Wednesday December 23, imposed a partial lockdown on the state in a bid to contain the speculated second wave of the Coronavirus in the country.

Vice Chairman of the state Technical Commitee on COVID-19, Razak Raji told reporters in Ilorin that the lockdown will be enforced from Thursday December 24, 2020 and between midnight and 4:30 am till further notice.

He said;

 “Appropriate use of face mask in public places is mandatory.

“Concerts/carnivals/clubbing are not allowed until further notice. Worship centres are not to allow congregations exceeding 50 percent of the maximum capacity of the venue. This is to allow for physical distancing.

“Other gatherings (formal and informal) exceeding 50 people are disallowed. Therefore, the protocol of ‘No face mask, no entry’ must apply at all public places.”

Dr Raji, who is also the state Health Commissioner directed civil servants in the state to work from home. The only exemptions are essential workers, especially in the health sector.

He added;


 “Civil servants are to work from their homes. The only exemptions are essential workers, especially in the health sector. Virtual meetings are encouraged.

“Transporters are to enforce all COVID-19 protocols, including proper use of face mask by drivers and passengers. Appropriate sanctions will apply to defaulters.

“Security agencies will deploy all lawful means to enforce these protocols. Defaulters are deemed to constitute dangers to public health. Provisions of the Kwara State Infectious Diseases Regulations 2020 shall apply to all offenders.

“There will be further communications on school resumption. These new guidelines are subject to reviews as situations dictate.”


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