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How BBNaija changed my life –Nengi

The second runner-up of the Big Brother Naija (Lockdown Edition), Rebecca ‘Nengi’ Hampson, tells OLAJIDE SAMUEL about her experience on the show, recent government appointment, budding acting career, relationship with Ozo and other issues

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How much has your life changed after BBN?

Big Brother Naija has changed my life tremendously. Sometimes, I pinch myself because it still seems surreal. But ultimately, I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity.

Why did you decide to partake in the reality show?

I have a shoe line named after my late mum. Before BBN, it was a struggle getting orders and selling my very pretty shoes, so I had to find another way. The show gave me more than I even asked for. I was shocked to see over 2000 orders when I got out of the house. It was shocking?

Did you, at any point, think you would win the show?

I did not go to the show expecting to be the second runner-up. It is a game and being on the show was more than enough for me. Being a finalist was everything. My friend won, so it was a win for me too.

What was your game plan before the competition?

I had no game plan. I just wanted people to see me, and find a way to showcase my brand to the world. And, that was exactly what I did.

Your relationship with Ozo defined much of your stay in the house. How does that make you feel?

I wouldn’t say I feel a particular way about it. My fans talk about it a lot. I love them and I know it is expected, so I try to respond to as many as I can, and move on.

What was your reaction when you were appointed as a Senior Special Adviser to the Governor of Bayelsa State?

For a young girl like me; it was mind-blowing. It felt like a dream, but I knew it could only be my creator. I thank Him every day for everything.

What was your experience starring in the movie, Rattle Snake?

The experience was everything. As much as I still need to go for further training at a proper film school, starting with a big film like Rattle Snake was a big win for me.

What do you miss about your mother?

I can release an album talking but I would keep it simple by saying, everything. I lost a huge part of me.

How do you handle negative social media comments?

I simply ignore them, drink lots of water, keep minding my business and ‘hustling’ for my money. A lot of people are riding on my back to make it, so I focus on them and also on the other positives in my life which always outweigh the negatives. Then, I move on.

You were very bold about your body during the show. Weren’t you worried about being criticised?

I think we are past the time when women were expected to be ashamed of what they did with their bodies. I believe that if you want anything and you can afford it, don’t hesitate to get it.”


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