Primary six pupil uses carton to build ATM that works with bank card, password and dispenses cash (Video)

A young boy identified as Emmanuel Okafor has wowed many Nigerians with his amazing talent, proving that the country is filled with an endless supply of geniuses.

The little lad who revealed that he is in Primary six, single-handedly built an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) out of carton and the interesting part is that it works like the regular electronic ATM that is being used by banks.

Emmanuel equipped it with the necessary electrical connection to enable it work with ATM cards and the innovative product dispenses cash once a normal bank card is inserted into it.

In a video which is circulating online, he carried out a little demonstration for people to witness how it works.

The talented boy powered the carton-ATM with a generator and inserted a card, after which he inputted a password and it dispensed some cash which he had earlier put into the machine.

Watch below:


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