“I Still Haven’t Recovered” – Mide Martins Shares Video Of Accident She had on set

Nollywood Actress, Movie Producer, Brand Ambassador, and brand Influencer Mide Martins has shared the occupational hazard of being an actor.

Mide Martins
Mide Martins

Taking to her Instagram page, Mide Martins shared a video of her on set where she fell from a hit from her partner and hit her head on the floor tiles. She disclosed that she still hasn’t recovered from the pains from the fall.

She captioned her video, “LIFE OF AN ACTOR!!! Still Haven’t Recovered From The Injury I Got Hitting My Head Badly On The Tiles 🤕🤕 May God Almighty Bless Every Hustler Out There!!!@mydemartins VS @kikibakare : “ONITEMI””.

Watch Video below


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