10 Richest States In Nigeria Based On Internally Generated Revenues (Full List)

Top Ten 10 States In Nigeria In Terms Of IGR In Last Quarter Of 2020

Rivers State replaces Lagos as the new king on the block..

Apart from the monthly allocations received from the federal government, states in Nigeria also meet their financial needs from Internally Generated Revenues (IGR), that is, the revenues they generated in their respective territories

While some states with strong economic power have huge internally generated revenues to meet their needs, others have low revenues which make it difficult for them to meet their needs without the federal allocations.

A report by BudgIT Nigeria, a civic tech organisation, raising the standards of transparency, citizen engagement and accountability in public finance, shows the top 10 states with the highest revenues in 2019.

The report tagged State of States sourced its data in part from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).
1. Rivers (N27,618,370,390)

2. Lagos (N16,550,697,866)

3. Kaduna (N15,510,189,659)

4. Enugu (N8,923,529,697)

5. Akwa Ibom (N8,080,204,669)

6. Kwara (N7,599,787,113)

7. Osun (N7,540,730,845)

8. Zamfara (N7,209,347,808)

9. Anambra (N7,063,928,218)

10. Benue (N6,634,997,664)

Akwa Ibom moves from 10th to 5th position


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