LADY: Men Who Don’t Drink Alcohol Make The Best Husbands

-Sharing her opinion, a Nigerian lady simply known as Favez has taken to social media to express her  view on the type of men that makes the best husband.

Expressing her view, she said men who do not drink or take any form of alcohol happen to be the best husbands ever.

Sharing her opinion via her social handle @Fahvy2_, the lady revealed that men who don’t take alcohol reliable, readily, and very  available whenever they are needed.

She added that such men don’t keep late nights with friends except on a serious occasion because their families are always put first.

The lady further added that such men always see weekends as opportunity to have some quality family time for with their families. She added that such men see spending lavishly as unwise, unlike their counterparts who abuse alcohol, thinking weekends are always meant for drinking and spending money in the name of enjoyment.

The young opined that men who do not consume alcohol, don’t abuse their wives or blame their wives no matter what the mistake they make, or shout for no reason.

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