Good Samaritans gift bicycles to poor children who trek for six hours to school daily

A Nigerian woman identified as Yetunde Adeseluka-Oladejo, has shone light on the challenges being experienced by some poor school children of Ore Akinde village in Ogun state.

Yetunde, few days ago, revealed how the children always had to endure the arduous task of trekking for six hours every day to  their secondary school.

Days after posting about the young boys and girls hard life on her social media page, a good Samaritan woman, Bilqis Williams reached out to know how they could help the children.

She travelled back to the village and consulted with their traditional heads on the students’ welfare.

They were offered a choice between buying tricycles or bicycles, the village opted for the bicycles because of bad roads and the low maintenance of two wheels.

According to Yetunde, the bicycles were bought by funds sent all the way from America by Bilqis.

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