20 tubers of yam, big cooler of rice with plenty meat – Kwara Tailoring Association gives ‘Freedom List’ to lady as requirement for her graduation

A young fashion designer based in Kwara state has shared the long and hefty list of requirements given to her by the state’s tailoring association before she can graduate.

The lady known as Abigeal Emiloju took to social media to seek assistance of any kind as she shared photo of the ‘Freedom List’ which she must fulfil before being certified ready for graduation.

She pleaded with people to support her freedom because she was having challenges procuring the items on the list.

In the image the tailor shared on Twitter, some of the items she was asked to buy were divided into two sections, Morning and Afternoon programme.

The morning programme list included;

20 Tubers of Yam

One Galon of Groundnut oil

2 chickens and 5 dried fish

The afternoon programme included in part;

4 crates of coca cola

1 Big Cooler of Rice with plenty meat/soup

Sharing the freedom list, Abigeal wrote;

”Sir please support my freedom, I am under pressure to do it and this is the list I was given by my boss”

See below:

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