“If You Have 3 Cars And Your Pastor Is Trekking , Your Days Are Numbered” – Nigerian Prophet

A popular Nigerian prophet, Goodheart Val Aloysius has made a shocking revelation about people with more than one car, while their pastors trek.

According to the prophet, people with three cars but see their pastors trekking and do nothing about it have their days numbered and wont live long.

He further stated that church members should not be comfortable seeing their pastors without cars, but instead get them one. noting that those who feel comfortable with their pastor’s trekking without a car shouldn’t worry because their days on earth are numbered.

However, his post has stirred controversy on social media has many Nigerians disagree with his revelation.

A Facebook user @Obinna Nebo wrote, “Go and look for a good paying job then. Seems your current business can’t afford your choice of lifestyle.”

Another Facebook user @Joy Chinenyenwa wrote,

“So is member that is good to treck. Is it a must a member will buy a car for pastor.what of all those pastors that had countless car yet their members are starving. If you want a car buy it for your self it was never written that a member should be the one buying cars for pastor.”

Olatunji Akinola Olanrewaju wrote,

“Please stop this nonsense! This is just pure covetousness and we are tired of it! This isn’t even in the bit biblical! How can you be like this? Acts 20:34 nko? What happened to it?”

Okoye Ifeoma Obi wrote, “Are you God, You dey tell person that his days is numbered, for his own money, U are wicked and a thief”.

Amarachi Nwa Okike wrote, “No go hustle ..ole!! Dey find person wey go dash u car like say u give him car key keep for you. You be God wey go number person day”.

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